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AVG Antivirus

Computer and internet use is an integral and growing part of our everyday lives. Every aspect of our lives is accessible electronically, which brings considerable benefits, as well as considerable risk.

As the nature of threats continues to evolve, so too must the nature of protection. That's why AVG uses the latest technology developed by world-renowned security experts to provide real-time defenses against real-time threats. With AVG you can surf, download files, chat, network and email safely and confidently, knowing that your personal information will not be stolen or misused.

The role of AVG is to shield you from potential dangers by providing powerful, easy-to-use protection that works in the background and allows you to go about your work with confidence.

Avg is recognized as one of the biggest players in the software security market. AVG Antivirus employs a layered approach towards protection.

The historic antivirus being the first layer. This layer maintains a database of known threats and uses this database to recognize threats against data stored on your computer.
The AVG Resident Shield (another layer), prevents you from opening infected files. AVG collects data on fast-breaking infections, develops solutions to these infections and then updates your PC automatically.

This antivirus solution also protects against internet anomalies that can be harmful to your PC or data in your PC. It is also worthy to note that your privacy is well respected.

We provide licensed full version AVG Antivirus Software for your home and business at an affordable price. Spend less on protection and more on your business!