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Bespokes Training

Sometimes the most effective way to meet your organiation's learning objectives is by commissioning someone to design a programme of training specifically for you.

Complete Solutions has a tried and tested process that gives you the training you need.

Through initial discussions with you, we will identify your general training needs. The training programs our experienced and knowledgeable training needs assessors will design will address these needs, however, we can go much further than this to provide full training, tailored exactly to your requirements specification, delivered at your place and at a time convinient to you by our professionals in an interactive, trainee-centered manner.

Our training courses include training in accounting software and general information and communications technology (ICT) knowledge.

Complete Solutions training is a cost-effective way of training several individuals from one organization simultaneously and ensures that the specific areas of concern are covered in the detail you require, whether it's a specialist area requiring higher-level skills or a refresher course.

We understand that businesses often require tailored training programmes to address current skill gaps and meet relevant industry standards. By working closely with you, our team will evaluate your training needs and make cost-effective recommendations that can be seamlessly implemented within your business.

Complete Solutions give you the ability to shape the learning in line with your goals. Our team will support you to ensure you get the most out of our training