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Networking & VSAT Technology

As professionals in satellite communications systems, Complete Solutions can offer the design and installation of VSAT (Very small aperture terminal) systems. These provide dedicated, reliable, cost effective and private communications links for individuals and corporate users, with the provision of total system capabilites to support high bandwidth secure data, voice and video communication.

The use of vsat systems is growing throughout the world as a way of establishing private satellite communications networks for organizations that have several locations, or providing higher bandwidth.

Customers are increasingly becomming savvy and as compnies compete for them, information technology and communications networks are becoming tools to achieve business goals. Today's networks must support the need to improve customer service, increase revenues and reduce costs (all driving net income growth) - in the most cost-effective manner possible. Further, network managers want virtual 100% availability. They need to easily expand the network they acquire, move or add new sites to the operations. In addition, they require network flexibility - ease of migration from existing legacy systems as well as addition of new network applications as their companies offer additional services to its customers.

There are many advantages of using VSAT networks. Among them are:
  • Ability to handle large amounts of data
  • Ability to handle voice, video and data
  • Accessibility
  • Availability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Fast transmissions
  • Flexibility
  • High network performance
  • Quality of Transmission
  • Reliability
  • Single vendor solution for both equipment and bandwidth
  • Versatility