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HR & Payroll Software

You can profit by reducing the time and money associated with payroll processing with flexible time entry and processing with the human resource and payroll software package we offer.

Paycare is a comprehensive Human Resource, Payroll and Employee Tax Management solution. It is a robust, state of the art system with a friendly user interface that complements its blazing performance. With Paycare, you need not worry about investing in additional components to implement it. It has standardized system and infrastructure requirements. Its ease of use makes it possible for your organization to implement with minimal training:

  • One click access to all routine tasks
  • Secured logins with permissions for each login
  • Integrated tax calculator
  • Advanced Management Information System tools for efficient reporting
  • Featured help system
  • Synchronization with Time & Attendance Systems
  • Data retrieval and backup facilities

Major among the many features that come with Paycare are described below.

Employee Management:
This module allows for the adding or modifying of employee details. All employee information required by your organization will be entered here. This module also allows for updating employee information like marital status, employment status, residence, etc... Photographs and even biometric data of the employees can also be stored here Paycare makes attendance monitoring simple. Attendance can be recorded either through manual entry or any automated system like biometric devices, or swipe cards. Paycare computerizes leave applications and can adapt to any kind of leave structure your organization may utilize.

Information Security:
The information stored in Paycare is secured and can only be modified by authorized personnel. With minimal setup time, Paycare delivers true out-of-the-box experience. For regular usage, authorized users must log in to Paycare. Depending upon the access rights allotted to them, Paycare will present them with intuitive menus.

The Paycare integrated software package has been proved beneficiary to KPMG and Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone amongst others.