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Support & Maintenance

Organizations need to be to be able to focus primarily on their core initiatives by providing reliable, high quality support and maintenance services to their end customers. Complete Solutions enables its clients to do just that by responding quickly to their situation and deliver comprehensive solutions.

Complete Solutions provides additional support services and maintenance, ensuring that your systems are running at the speed of your business. The unlimited technical support available during the term of the support plan allow our customers to obtain a rapid resolution to all technical issues as stated in the plan.

The support and maintenance services we provide are not limited to previous products or services we have provided you. It can also involve products or services not previously provided you by us.

We have an established practice of resolving issues timely after a careful root cause analysis of each issue to prevent it from happening again. We focus on performance measures and continuous improvement to help add value to your business. We use a multi-level maintenance process using corrective, preventive, adaptive & perfective approach.

Our methodologies have proven effective in relation to acquiring, installing, upgrading and optimizating both hardware devices (e.g pc's, printers, servers, etc...) and network systems.

We deliver support and maintenance services in the following ways:

  • Early product support and maintenance planning
  • Maintenance and support for legacy applications, software products, databases and websites
  • Proactive and reactive support
  • Response time-driven support
  • Systems & network architecture and support planning

Our support services, affordable and cost effective, are in line with agreements on the support plan.